SOON: 04.10.2023, The Painting Academy, Laurence and Friends, Geneva

SOON: 04.10.2023, The Painting Academy, Laurence and Friends, Geneva


13 Vitrine, Lausanne (CH)

Curation: 13 Vitrine
Text: Margaux Dewarrat
Photo: Stefania Carlotti

In the fashion issues dedicated to the festive season, the editors take on the ambitious task of compiling the many original and expensive products that make up the famous Christmas wishlist, inviting their readers to do the same.

The desire to buy handbags, shoes, scarves and jewelry is mixed, often in a subtle way, with the frustration of not being able to acquire the object of one's desire.

In this way, Hanna decides to appropriate the subject of her desires through representation. Inspired by the collages she used to make when she was browsing through toy catalogues, she carefully cut out the different games she wanted to find under the Christmas tree. By arranging them on her list, Hanna sublimates her dissatisfaction by reproducing miniature copies (flirting with the history of counterfeiting) of high fashion items, similar to the multiplication of screenshots and compulsive recording of images that make us dream, that we store in our phones and computers and that we like to watch every now and then.

Here, the list acts as a container (like the virtual basket) in which our desires and wishes are stored. It plays a cathartic role, liberating us from the omnipresent injunction to consume at the end of the year. A container in which objects wait wisely, and exist in an intermediate form.

By enclosing her 8 reproductions of painted fashion items on a metal sheet with an oversized paper clip in the window, Hanna invites the viewer to reconsider the device of product display and the art object as a consumer good. The very meaning of the shop window, whose purpose is to present to future buyers and potential customers what the shop has to offer, is to create a desire. It is no longer a question of basic necessities, which do not need to be promoted, but of other objects, which bring an additional value to the buyer, sometimes judged futile or even useless or obsolete, but often a vector of an emotional, sentimental and aesthetic feeling.